AWS SES domain verification

Amazon’s AWS SES service allows you to verify a domain so that you can then send email from any of that domain addresses through your EC2 instances.

The verification is done by adding a TXT record to your DNS server for that domain. The TXT record name looks like: OtNct7ugD0fOgjp70xpNpWj4K0xPcGcUopkcsiby9nE=

This is straightforward most times, however, if you host your dns externally, some dns providers don’t allow underscores in the txt record name. In these cases, your TXT record needs to be written in this format instead: amazonses:OtNct7ugD0fOgjp70xpNpWj4K0xPcGcUopkcsiby9nE=

Happy SES’ing !

AWS SES domain verification

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